Terms of service

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connec is a web service or a web-based product owned and operated by THE TIME LLC (3-4-8, Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan).

A corporation, group, union, or individual user who uses this Service shall agree to these Terms of Use by using this Service.

About using this service

  • You may use the Service only as permitted by law (including all applicable laws and regulations).

  • If the user does not comply with the Company's terms and policies, or if the Company investigates an act suspected of fraud, the provision of the Service to the user may be suspended or other measures that the Company may deem appropriate will do.

  • The Company is not obligated to disclose the reasons for suspension of use.

  • By using this service, the user does not acquire any intellectual property rights for the service or the content accessed.

  • You may not use the content unless you have obtained permission from the content owner of the Service or are permitted by law.

  • These Terms do not give you the right to use any brand or logo used in the Service. You may not delete, hide, or tamper with any legal notice that appears within or with the Service.

  • Some of the content displayed on this service is not our property. The content provider is solely responsible for the content.

  • Regarding the use of this service, we may send service announcements, administrative messages, and other information to users. The user may be able to choose not to receive these notifications.

  • Our service is not for children. If you are under 13 years of age, you cannot use our services. You must be old enough to agree to the processing of your personal data in your country. Must be managed by an agent, parent or guardian.

  • It is not allowed to acquire multiple user accounts for personal use.

  • With the same name as the Twitter user name, it is possible to obtain the user name in this service. The Service determines that a user is active by logging in, and does not allow him to acquire and occupy a user account for an inactive user or for the future. User accounts may be changed at our discretion.

  • The act that our company judges to be inappropriate is prohibited. For example, you must not interfere with the Service, such as scraping data from the Service, or accessing the Service using methods other than the interface and procedures provided by the Company.

Usage rights and attribution of intellectual property rights

  • The Service allows users to upload, provide, store, send or receive content that has intellectual property rights. Users will continue to retain the intellectual property rights they have for the content.

  • You acknowledge and agree that we have all legal rights, ownership and interests in the Service.

  • Our privacy policy describes the handling of users' personal data and the protection of privacy when using this service.

  • This service may analyze content and provide highly relevant functions for each user individually. By using this service, the user consents to the use of personal data.

  • We will respond to notices of copyright infringement in accordance with the procedures set forth in the DMCA. We will also suspend or delete copyright infringing content and accounts.

Change of Terms and Change or Termination of Services

  • This service is working to introduce new functions and technologies every day to provide better value to users. If the Company deems necessary due to functional changes or new legal requirements, items may be added to or modified in these Terms. Users should check these Terms regularly.

  • The Company may suspend or terminate part or all of this service if deemed necessary.

  • If you continue to use this service after this agreement has been updated, it will be considered that you have agreed to the terms and agreed to use it. If you do not agree, please stop using this service.

Liability for this service

  • The Company shall cause or relate to the Service regardless of the deletion or disappearance of the information transmitted by the user through the Service, the deletion or disappearance of the account, damage caused by information such as third-party content, or any other reason. We shall not be liable for any damages incurred.

  • To the extent permitted by law (including implied warranties), the total amount of liability borne by us and its related parties for any claims to which these Terms apply is for the user to use the Services The amount paid for is the upper limit.

Use of this service by business operators

  • When using this service for a business operator, the business operator shall agree to these terms. The operator shall not claim claims, losses, any claims, lawsuits or legal actions relating to or arising from the use of the Services or any breach of these Terms, from the Company and its affiliates, officers, agents and employees. Indemnification and compensation, including legal liability and costs arising from damages, lawsuits, trials and charges, and attorney fees.

Governing law and jurisdiction

  • Contracts relating to these Terms shall be construed in accordance with Japanese law, and the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive court of jurisdiction for the first instance for these Terms and any related disputes.

Last modified: February 15, 2020