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Recognizing the importance of privacy protection when operating this service, we pay maximum attention.

The privacy policy is applied when a corporation, group, association, or individual user who uses this service uses this service.

This policy is as follows.

Acquisition of user information

  • The personal information acquired by this service is limited to what is necessary to provide this service as deemed necessary by the Company.

  • With this service, you can register as a member using an account of another service such as Twitter. We may collect data containing personal information from these other services.

  • This service may require the provision of personal information when making various inquiries.

  • This service automatically receives the user's IP address and cookie information (and similar technologies) from the browser and records it on the server.

Handling user information

The purposes for which we collect and use personal information are as follows.

  • To provide and operate this service

  • To investigate and respond to various inquiries to this service

About cookies and similar technologies

  • Cookies and similar technologies are provided to use this service.

  • Cookies and similar technologies may be used to distribute advertisements using collected information.

  • This service may use tools from other companies to use and analyze cookies and similar technologies.

  • In this service, advertisement distribution by Cookies issued by other companies and acquisition / use of behavior information may be performed. Details such as cookies and information obtained will be handled in accordance with other companies' privacy policies. If you wish to invalidate cookies, etc. acquired by other companies, please invalidate it from the link of the corresponding service below.

Disclosure of personal information

  • This service does not sell or rent personal information without your consent.

  • Personal information may be provided to third parties in the following cases.

    • When there is user consent to provide information

    • If you have been notified of a copyright infringement in accordance with the procedures set forth in the DMCA.

    • When it is deemed necessary by the Company to protect other users, third parties or the Company's rights, property, or services, contrary to the Company's terms of service, laws or guidelines.

Privacy Policy Revision

This policy will be revised from time to time. Users should check this policy periodically when using this service. After revision, it will be automatically applied to all users of this service.

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